The simplicity of the yin-yang symbol is very interesting. The swirling black and white forms each contain a dot of their opposite, and all is contained within the circle of wholeness that represents both the Universe and our own being. These include opposition, interdependence, relative waxing and waning, and transformation. The concept of yin and yang applies to all things in the universe. There needs to be an outside for there to be an inside. There needs to be day for there to be night and so forth.

When these aspects are in balance, we say there is order. And order is a power we each have within our consciousness. We can call on it at any time through prayer, meditation, and/or simply stopping and standing still. Yin-yang forces work in opposition to each other and can thereby work to create balance.

Some things to do to help yourself bring order into your life.

  1. Social – surround yourself with positive influences.
  2. Physical – enjoy nature; get outside every day.
  3. Emotional – simply observe negative thoughts and let them pass without judging them or yourself.

The above listed things are easy to suggest, but they have to be practiced just like anything we want to master. Just like going to the gym, we have to practice on a regular basis to get strong and stand in balance in the world and in our inner lives.