Learn How You Can Help the Planet:

  • Earth Day Network – http://www.earthday.org
  • Get to know your local organizations

Green Tips for You and Your Home

Cleaning is a wonderful way to bring fresh air into our hearts, minds and homes. It is important to be mindful we are not introducing toxins and poisons into our homes while we spruce! Consider using these natural cleaning solutions. Not only are they healthier for ourselves and our pets, they are also more economical.

  1. Vinegar – Use vinegar for floors, windows, laundry and more. Explore for yourself the different ways and amounts to use around your home. You will find uses for both white and apple cider vinegars.
  2. Baking soda – Whether you use it as a paste or as an additive, baking soda is a true work horse. Look for baking soda that is aluminum-free.
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide – Hydrogen peroxide is a gentler alternative to vinegar for cleaning your granite and marble counters.
  4. Essential oils – Experiment with adding essential oils to your natural cleaning regimens. In addition to please aromas, many contain cleaning and sanitizing properties. Try tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, and lemon essential oils, just for starters.
  5. More – Search the Internet where you can find even more natural cleaning solutions, as well as natural pest and weed control ideas.

Whate Goes On is What Goes In:

  • Know your fruits and veggies–which have the most pesticides, and which have the least.
  • Avoid washing, brushing, rinsing and schmearing with poisons and nasty chemicals.
  • See the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists, and access the Skin Deep database at www.EWG.org. Get the Healthy Living App at your phone/device’s app store.

Think first before you:

  1. Buy – Is the packaging excessing, recyclable?
  2. Toss – Is this recyclable or compostable?
  3. Turn it on – Do I need a gushing flow of water? Did I leave a light on when I left the room?
  4. Run errands – Did I plot my trip to reduce miles traveled, plan my route to minimize number of trips and left turns?
  5. Take out – Is the food packaging recyclable or biodegradable?

Spirituality and the Earth

Pray, Affirm, Visualize: Include the world, her eco-systems and inhabitants in your prayers, affirmations and visioning.