Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win?

Remember that old quote, “Winners never quit and quitters never win”?  I disagree with that in terms of the idea of wisdom. Knowing what to quit and when to quit may be one of the building blocks of wisdom.

We in metaphysics believe that our thoughts have power and that by using our thoughts correctly we can enjoy a happy, prosperous, healthy life. So I’m thinking that we are wise if we become aware of our thoughts and how they’re affecting or lives.

But a question comes up. Why do our thoughts have so much power? I personally believe it’s because we have within us the creative energy of the universe. (You can call it God or Spirit or something else.) And we are free to use it any way we want to.

So, in some ways it’s a simple process of looking at our lives and our circumstances and asking, “What was I thinking that got me in this situation?” But it isn’t as simple as that sounds.

Our deep-seated beliefs about ourselves and others and life have more power than we realize. One of the most powerful concepts I’ve ever encountered is the idea of a Core Belief. If I think there’s something wrong with me, I may not have good relations with others until I really look at that core belief and let it go. Our fears and angers are profoundly powerful because they are based on our core beliefs, those ideas that we adopted as our own as a result of earlier experiences.

And as long as I hold on to one or more of these core beliefs, I will manifest in my life circumstances, events, and relationships in line with them. The biggest challenge, and what we are called to do, is to realize the truth of who we are — spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are expressions of the Creative Energy of the Universe and we have all of its power inside our own head to use as we want to.