I am a Radiating Center of Love

In his book The Twelve Powers of Man, Charles Fillmore offers the affirmation, “I am a radiating center of love, peace, and harmony.” What stands out to me is that love is not a single feeling. It has many facets – like a diamond – and more valuable than any precious gems. It consists of things like empathy, patience, compassion, understanding. In short, to me it includes the most positive of all human feelings.

I’m reminded of Janie, a friend of mine, a woman who had traveled on all the continents of the planet. Once another friend of mine and I took Janie and went to a nature area were we could see the migrating cranes awaken in the morning. We were walking along a dirt path and could hear the quiet rustling of birds in the undergrowth. Suddenly, as if one of them had hollered, “On the count of three!” from all sides of us there arose a huge wash of white cranes rising to meet the sun.

Janie’s reaction was as wonderful as the cranes. After having traveled the world over, she was still able to see and appreciate this spectacle of nature with unbridled joy and enthusiasm. She clapped and twirled and shouted as the birds flew over us and out into the day.

“What does this have to do with love?” you might ask. To me it’s the recognition and appreciation, the admiration of all the wonders of our earth. It is the in-built response we can feel for this fantastic place we call home. It is an acknowledgment of the treasures we can see in the everyday world around us all the time if we just stop and look.

Even something very tiny can remind us. For example:

Dew be-sparkled grass
glistens in the mornings
lifting hopes of Spring.