Learning to Notice and Appreciate

Remember that song by Otis Redding? –

“I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay
Watchin’ the tide roll away, ooh
I’m just sittin ’on the dock of the bay
Wastin’ time”

It makes me think of last month’s Power of Understanding in terms of what the world is going through these days. We seem to have more time on our hands as we try to avoid going out and about too much. So are we wasting our time wishing things were different or wishing we could change things? Do we keep wishing we could understand instead of really seeing the blessings we have?

It occurs to me that our Power of Will can be brought into play here. Will I just keep wishing things were like they used to be, or can I use my personal will power to see things differently? We get so caught up in doing life that we don’t stop long enough to appreciate it.

Learning to notice and appreciate more deeply the things and people around us might not be a waste of time at all. When was the last time you simply sat outside and noticed, really noticed, the world of nature? Whatever it’s fate, our world has endless wonders for us to appreciate.

Even if it’s just remembering watching the tide roll away at the beach or watching the sunset or listening to the cooing of doves, it’s not wasting time. Regardless of what happens to the world and all the people in it, do you want to look back and realize that you missed so much of its beauty and its blessings, the gifts that it gives us because you were wishing things were different?

I’m not saying we shouldn’t care what happens to our word. I’m just hoping to learn to use my will power to add to its goodness, even if it’s just to appreciate its wonders more deeply. I want to really look into the eyes of a friend and see the amazing being there or watch the leaves of a tree flutter in the breeze and feel the wonder of the air and the seed from which that tree grew.

And I know in your heart that you do too.