Appreciate the Simple Things in Life

You never know how inspiration will come to you. The other day, I was reading the comics in the paper, and one of the characters in ”Pearls Before Swine” by Stephan Postis said, “If I’d known this was a party, I’d have danced a whole lot more.” And then in June 1 Daily Word, I read, “I live my life as a continuous adventure.”

Wow! The universe speaks to us all the time if we just pay attention! So we can look at life in this dimension as a trial or as an adventure. I like the image of a party we’ve been invited to, and all we are asked to do is enjoy it and take care of it. We need to be good guests and not gobble up all the refreshments for ourselves or snub other guests we don’t know.

And as far as enjoying the party, there are so many beautiful and wonderful things and events in our lives that we couldn’t experience them all in one lifetime. However, we can start right where are and step out into something we’ve never done, or even step out with new eyes into something we see all the time and just overlook.

One of the things that have come out of the isolation and caution we’ve experienced during the past year or so is that we’ve had to turn to other sources to feed out curiosity and interest. We’ve had to learn how to do things we never knew could be done – like attend a Zoom meeting on our phone! Imagine that! I remember when to call somebody you had to turn a crank and speak into a handheld speaker to visit with someone, and you had to be careful what you said because other folks could be listening on the party line!

There are also beautiful things that have not disappeared that we often take for granted. For example, have you simply sat and watched a sunset lately? Or listened to a bird singing his heart out in the trees? Or looked deeply into your pet’s eyes and really seen the love there?

The world seems to have gone crazy, but I believe an even greater world will emerge out of this time and that we will have learned a good lesson about how to more fully appreciate the simple things in life.